The Session Token Launch Plan

Lighthouse, Anchor, Landing

Phase One


Testnet launches with an incentive program and bug bounty for community members.

Phase Two


Final preparations for the new Session Network. Steady, secure, and ready for live migration.

Phase Three


Session Token Generation Event and full network migration. A new world for Session Token.

The full plan for the migration to the Session Network and launch of Session Token is now available.

A large body of technical work and research have culminated in this plan, giving both Session and Session Token the best possible chance for long-term success and sustainability.

This is your guide to how the community and team will bring Session Token into a new world β€” and do it right.

While dates have been defined for the Lighthouse phase, timelines for future phases (including TGE) remain dependent on the outcomes of testnet and other prior phases.

This page will serve as your source of truth about the requirements and timeline for the launch of Session Token, so check back to find further information and updates on each milestone in the Lighthouse, Anchor and Landing phases as they occur.

Let’s migrate it.

🌟 Phase One: Lighthouse 🌟

The Lighthouse phase includes a testnet incentive program as well as a bug bounty to reward current and prospective community members for exploring and improving the new Session Network.

Session Token pre-launch site

June 21, 2024

The new and improved website for Session Token will be available in pre-launch mode, with updated content, branding and graphics, as well as the Session Token Roadmap.

Session Token testnet and staking portal launch

July 9, 2024

The Session Token testnet provides a sandboxed environment for the community to explore the new Session Network, staking portal, and smart contracts ahead of the mainnet launch.

Staking and rewards contracts will be deployed, and the staking portal frontend will be launched.

Testnet Session Tokens are required to participate in the testnet, and at first these will be allocated exclusively to pre-existing community members. Testnet Session Token holders will be able to register and stake to testnet Session Nodes.

Testnet Incentive Program

July 16, 2024

A multi-stage incentive program will be conducted to encourage active participation by existing and new community members in the Session Token testnet. Scores will be determined based on on-chain activity, and users will be awarded a corresponding amount of Session Tokens.

For Testnet Stage 1, existing community members will have exclusive early access to testnet Session Tokens and a head start on the incentive program, which will remain closed to the public.

Users who were members of the Session Token Discord, the Oxen Project Telegram Group (@Oxen_Community), and/or the Oxen Service Nodes Telegram Group (@Oxen_ServiceNodes) on the snapshot date of June 12, 2024 are eligible to participate. All addresses registered for the Oxen Service Node Bonus Program will also be eligible for early access to testnet Session Tokens.

For Testnet Stage 2, the testnet will remain closed to the public, but new community members may be given access via invitation by the team and existing community members, as part of collaborative community growth initiatives.

Depending on the outcomes of Testnet Stages 1 and 2, a final third phase opening the testnet to the public may be conducted.

Note: Sybil defence measures will be deployed; larger stakes β‰  more points.

Learn more about the Session Testnet Incentive Program here.

Bug Bounty Program

July 16, 2024

Session messenger is a live product with a high number of users, so using this testnet phase to identify and eliminate any bugs or issues is critical to prevent unnecessary downtime for messenger users both during and after the network transition.

A bug bounty program will run alongside the testnet stages to incentivise testing and QA. Technical members of the Session community will be invited to contribute code improvements and be rewarded for their efforts.

This program will ensure Session’s systems and infrastructure are battle-tested by the community before they activate on mainnet.

The team has full discretion in determining which bug bounty submissions will be rewarded, and further details regarding the scope and severity of eligible issues will be shared.

Service Node Bonus backdating


Longtime Oxen stakers have the opportunity to receive backdated points for the Service Node Bonus program, giving hard-working, committed stakers the best possible opportunity to earn enough tokens to re-stake on the Session Network.

If you have been operating or contributing to an Oxen Service Node since September 25, 2023, 17:00 UTC (when the snapshot was taken), you will receive backdated points in the program once you have registered.

This is designed to maximise the number of nodes that successfully transition to the Session Network, making the network stronger on launch.

All Oxen stakers are still able to register for the Service Node Bonus Program and accrue points pro rata until the end of the program.

βš“ Phase Two: Anchor βš“

Anchor marks the beginning of the migration to the new Session Network. Key software is released as nodes are primed for the migration.

Anchor software upgrade

New Oxen Service Node software will be released, facilitating the migration to the Session Network.

Following the release of the Anchor software upgrade, there will be a one-week mandatory upgrade period before the Anchor hardfork occurs.

Anchor hardfork

The Anchor hardfork prevents new nodes from registering on the Oxen Service Node Network, maintaining network stability during the migration.

Node deregistration and decommissioning

Un-upgraded nodes will be deregistered following the hardfork, however operators will be able to recover their node(s) if they upgrade within one week.

Following this, Service Nodes that do not upgrade will be decommissioned.

Service Node Bonus program closes

Following the Anchor hardfork, new registrations for the Service Node Bonus Program will close, points will stop accruing, and registered ETH addresses cannot be changed.

Please ensure your information is correct well in advance of the Anchor hardfork.

🚒 Phase Three: Landing 🚒

The Landing phase encompasses the migration, launch of Session Network mainnet, and the Session Token Generation Event (TGE).

Landing software upgrade

A Service Node software upgrade enabling the migration to the Session Network will be released one week before the Session Token Generation Event.

Following the release of the Landing software upgrade, there will be a one week mandatory upgrade period before the Landing hardfork occurs.

Landing hardfork

The Landing hardfork marks the beginning of the Session Network.

A grace period of one week will allow as many nodes as possible to successfully migrate to the Session Network. Following this period, un-upgraded nodes will be decommissioned.

Token Generation Event

Session Token contract is deployed and tokens are minted.

Session Network launch

Following the Landing hardfork, Session Nodes will be running and operating the Session Network, powered and secured by Session Token.

Session messenger is now running on the Session Network.

Node Restaking and Service Node Bonus distribution

Oxen Stakers who participated in the Service Node Bonus Program will have their new Session Tokens automatically re-staked to Session Nodes, becoming the first nodes in the Session Network.

Staking Portal live on mainnet

New stakers will be able to stake using the staking portal as tokens are circulated, setting up new full nodes or staking to nodes open for contribution. Rewards from the Staking Reward Pool will begin accruing immediately.

Oxen Coin Claims Bridge launches

Unstaked Oxen can now be swapped for Session Token through the Oxen Coin Claims program. There’s no end date for the program at the moment, but note that the swap rate will decrease 6 months after token generation β€” so if you have Oxen you want to swap, it is recommended to do so straight away.

Testnet Incentive Program distribution

Session Tokens awarded for on-chain activity during the Testnet Incentive Program will be distributed at TGE.