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/ What is session?

Session is an end-to-end encrypted messenger like no other. Elevate your security with web3 technology.

/ The token behind the tech



Session Tokens used to unlock features in Session messenger are deposited into the Staking Reward Pool, creating dynamic incentives for the Session Network.

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Session's tokenomic design links token utility with network incentives, ensuring the sustainability of its decentralised physical infrastructure network.

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Staking Portal

Stake Session Tokens to secure the network and earn rewards right from your browser. Staking is fast and easy with Session’s Staking Portal.

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/ Staking Reward Pool

Every node earns an equal share of rewards for playing their part.

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/ Roadmap

Our path to progress.

A clear path forward with key developments and new features. Discover the future of Session Token.

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/ Join the community

You’re invited to share the journey

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decentralised technology.