Earn rewards for running Session's network.

Simple and easy setup. Join the network and start earning instantly.


Why stake Session Token?

    Instant Rewards

    Start earning as soon as you join the network. Claim rewards anytime.

    Convenient and Flexible

    Stake within minutes using the Session Staking Portal.

    Rewards that Scale

    Additional network rewards as Session Tokens enter the Staking Reward Pool.

How Session rewards you

The Staking Reward Pool turns Session Token's utility into dynamic incentives for Session stakers. Tokens used unlock features in Session messenger like Session Name Service and Session Pro are deposited into the pool, adding rewards as more tokens are used.

A targeted rate of 14% of the total reward pool is awarded to the network each year, calculated daily.

How to stake to a Session Node

1. Open the Staking Portal and connect your wallet

2. Browse the list of available multi-contributor nodes

3. Choose your node and stake your desired amount

*Session Token has not yet been generated,

and staking is not currently available

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