The Roadmap

New ideas, new features, and new possibilities.

Unlock the utility of Session Token.


Token Genesis Event

This is where it all begins—the Session Token Genesis Event. It’s time to activate the Session Token contracts, transition nodes to the Session Network, and begin the Session Token Swap Program. Session Token’s decentralised communications economy goes online.


Token Staking

The first driver of Session Token’s utility flywheel. Stake, operate, earn rewards daily. The web portal lets you use the wallets you know and trust to stake in seconds. Contribute to the protocol and join Session’s decentralised physical infrastructure network (DePIN), secured by Session Token.


Session Name Service

Buy, trade, and collect unique Session Names. Names are Session Token’s first piece of in-app utility, letting you easily add contacts, find friends, or flex your one-of-a-kind names. A marketplace for buying, selling and mapping Session Names to Session IDs will be established. Tokens used for Session Names will go directly to the Staking Reward Pool, bootstrapping network rewards.


Session Pro Beta

A suite of premium features for Session messenger, unlocked with Session Token. In the Beta version, the first new features are launched, including badges and larger file attachments. All Pro subscriptions are unlocked with Session Tokens, either directly on-chain, or via third party payment gateways that convert fiat to Session Tokens. These Tokens go directly to the Staking Reward Pool, further scaling incentives for the network.


Session Pro

The full power and functionality of Session Pro’s premium features is realised. The Beta feature set is expanded and continually refined to grow the subscribed user base. More complex and intensive features are released. As users are converted to subscribers, Session’s decentralised communications economy grows stronger.



In-app wallets supporting Session Token and other cryptocurrencies are introduced. Users are able to manage staking, Session Node rewards, and premium features from within Session messenger. Other crypto integrations allow users to onboard into the Session Token ecosystem without leaving the app.