As preparations for the Session Token launch continue, a Testnet Incentive Program will be run to ensure a successful migration to the new Session Network.

Session messenger is a live product with a high number of users, and using this testnet phase to identify and eliminate any issues will be critical for a smooth network transition. This program will reward active community participation as they work with the core team to battle-test the new Session network ahead of its mainnet launch.

To ensure a meaningful and productive testnet phase, a multi-stage incentive program will be conducted.

Early Access πŸ”“

Starting from July 16, pre-existing community members will have exclusive early access to testnet Session Tokens. This approach aims to gather feedback from those who are already familiar with the Session ecosystem.

Members of the Session Token Discord, the Oxen Project Telegram Group (@Oxen_Community) and/or the Oxen Service Nodes Telegram Group (@Oxen_ServiceNodes) as of the snapshot date of June 12, 2024, will be eligible for participation in this first phase. All addresses registered for the Oxen Service Node Bonus Program will also be eligible for early access to testnet Session Tokens.

Community-led Growth 🀝

Following the initial phase, access will be expanded through an invitation-based system. The team and existing community members will have the opportunity to invite new participants who align with Session’s values and goals. This method aims to foster organic growth and ensure that new members are genuinely interested in contributing to the Session ecosystem. By prioritising high quality users, we aim to build a strong and engaged community that can hit the ground running at TGE.

Open Access (TBD!) ⏳

Based on the insights gained from the first two stages, the testnet may be opened to the public in a final phase. This broader access will aim to gather comprehensive feedback and ensure the network is robust and ready for the TGE. However, if sufficient feedback and battle-testing are achieved during the first two phases, a public phase will not be conducted.

Quality over Quantity βš–οΈ

We have chosen not to use quest platforms and to limit public access for the testnet launch to avoid attracting users who may not be genuinely interested in Session's success. Instead, this program aims to engage participants willing to provide valuable feedback and provide meaningful contributions, maintaining the integrity and quality of the testing process.

Buckle up! 🀠

Be warned: the first phase of the testnet will present significant challenges to participants and a higher technical barrier to entry. Running a Session testnet node during this phase will be more demanding than operating an Oxen Service Node, with a higher likelihood of deregistration due to rapid updates and changes by developers. It will be crucial to stay informed and follow updates closely, and dedicated informational channels for testnet full node operators will be created to facilitate this.

Fair Play πŸ‘

Participants will be rewarded with Session Tokens based on their on-chain activity, focusing on active engagement and meaningful contributions. Sybil defence measures will be employed, and larger stakes do not necessarily mean more points.

Reward Distribution πŸ…

Session Tokens will be awarded based on your active participation in our testnet activities. This program, powered by the Ecosystem and Community Fund, marks an important step in our journey to build a thriving community. All rewards will be drawn from this fund and distributed at the Token Generation Event (TGE). We are committed to a sustainable growth of our ecosystem, and while the rewards are designed to be meaningful, they are also calibrated to ensure the longevity of the fund. Read more about the Genesis Tokenomics here.

We are excited to witness your enthusiasm and engagement as we explore the potential of our platform together. Join Session in laying the groundwork for many more community-driven activities.

Stay Tuned πŸ‘€

This testnet phase is a vital step towards a successful Session Token launch. Your involvement and feedback will play a key role in shaping the future of the Session ecosystem. Keep an eye on this page for updates and detailed instructions on how to get involved.