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All the information you'll need to swap your unstaked Oxen following the launch of Session Token

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  • Introduction
    • The Oxen Coin Claims Program allows users to swap their unstaked Oxen coins for Session Token. If your Oxen is staked, click here.

      Note that the Oxen Coin Claims program will not begin until after Session Token is generated. For important information about the Session Token Swap Program, please read the disclaimer on the OPTF website.

      In total, 30,000,000 Session Tokens are available through the Oxen Coin Claims Program.

      The amount of Session Tokens a user receives in their claim will be directly proportional to the amount circulating supply of Oxen.

      Oxen’s circulating supply will be snapshotted at Session Token’s TGE. This snapshotted supply will be used to calculate all claims, so claims will not change over time based on new Oxen emissions. The current supply of Oxen is available on the block explorer.

      The 30,000,000 Session Tokens available in this program represents 37.5% of the Genesis supply. You can read more about the genesis tokenomics here.

      Note: The Oxen holdings of the OPTF will not be included in the circulating supply used for Claims calculations.

    • This program exists to migrate the existing Oxen community to the new Session Network.

      As Oxen will no longer be in active development, this swap is offered to give community members a simple bridge into the new protocol and ecosystem.

      Nothing will happen to Oxen coins which are not swapped as a part of this program, and holders are free to choose what they do with their coins.

  • How it works
    • Because the Oxen chain is incompatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine environments, a centralized mediator will be required to facilitate claims.

      All proper measures will be taken to ensure the security, reliability, and verifiability of this bridge. Although tokens will be held in custody for a very short period of time, this will be minimised as much as possible.

      For users, the swap will be executed using a combination of the Oxen GUI/CLI wallet, an Ethereum-compatible wallet (such as MetaMask), and the Coin Claims web portal (not yet released).

    • The amount of Session Tokens received in a claim is directly proportional to the amount of Oxen swapped.

      This can be calculated using the following:

      (Oxen swapped by user / (Oxen Supply at Session Token TGE - OPTF holdings)) * 30,000,000

      For example, a user who swaps 1% of the circulating supply of Oxen would receive 1% of the Session Tokens available in the program (30 million * 0.01 = 300,000 Session Tokens).

      Although this program will run indefinitely, after 6 months the swapping multiplier will decrease to 0.7. Using the above example, the user would receive (300,000 * 0.7) = 210,000 Session Tokens.

      We highly recommend that Oxen holders make their claim within the first 6 months of the period to ensure the best swap rate. The portion of the 30,000,000 Session Tokens which are unclaimable after the multiplier decreases will be automatically reserved for future node rewards.

    • Users with staked Oxen who have registered for the Service Node Bonus Program will have their Oxen automatically swapped on parity with the Oxen Coin Claims Program at Session Token TGE.

  • How to participate
    • The Oxen Coin Claims program has not started. The program will not begin until after the Session Token TGE (Token Generation Event).

      The portal is not live, and there is no early registration or participation for the program.

    • Oxen Claims are permanent and one-way.

      Once Oxen coins are swapped Session Tokens, they cannot be swapped back using the claims portal.

      The swap rate will decrease after the program has been running for 6 months. If you intend to swap, you are recommended to swap before the rate decreases.

    • The claim portal is not live and Session Token has not been generated.

      Claims you can swap Oxen for Session Token are likely to be fraudulent.

      Portal will be deployed at a https://getsession.org subdomain. Verify the URL before proceeding.

      Do not send Oxen to unknown addresses or provide information to unverified parties.

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